Kitesurfing Equipment

Curve Board Sports in based in Colchester in Essex and stocks leading Kitesurfing Equipment from Slingshot, RRD and Cabrinha. With these brands there is a kite and board suited for everyone, no matter how you ride or your style. Our Harnesses are by ION as well as all the accessories. We have over 20 years of kitesurfing experience between us in the shop, we are sure we will be able to help and fit you the perfect kitesurfing package

2016 Cabrinha FX

The all new FX kite effortlessly bridges the gap between freestyle and freeride to create the perfect crossover kite. The new and highly responsive platform gives you the much needed power for explosive acceleration, and the perfect amount of boost for huge lofty airs. The modified C-shape arc allows you to throw aggressive kiteloops with the ability to hit the zenith in time for a soft landing. Its lightning fast turning speed, direct steering and quick relaunch make it perfect for intermediate to highly advanced riders.